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Where can ReadyRoll/TFS be used ?

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  • Military – Command/Communication Centers, Barracks, Hospitals
  • Emergency Response - Command/Communication Centers, Triage / Surge Hospitals
  • Event Rental – Function / Event tents
  • Mining / Exploration – Temporary Shelters
  • Outdoor Activities – Motorsport
  • Temporary Walkways

Where can DeconRoll be used ?

• Military  
• Emergency Response Decontamination Shelters / Showers
• Industrial  

Can I use ReadyRoll/TFS for fixed position facilities?

Absolutely. In addition to being simple and quick to deploy, ReadyRoll/TFS is also durable and reliable for extended use.

Are ReadyRoll/TFS & DeconRoll available in different colors?

Yes, in addition to the standard colors listed, a full range of colors can be custom ordered for both ReadyRoll/TFS and DeconRoll.

What is the standard size of ReadyRoll/TFS and DeconRoll ?

Both GFS products are specifically sized to customer requirements.

How much do the GFS products cost?

The pricing for both ReadyRoll/TFS and DeconRoll depends on the quantity ordered and the customization required. For more information, please contact Ground Floor Systems at 540.450.0240.

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